Current Problems and Our Solution

  • EV’s own limitations Range: Distance that can be covered in one charge.
  • Charging time: EVs charge slowly. 6-10 Hours.
  • Charging Infra: There is virtually a little number of charging points in India.
  • Existing vehicles to become useless: There is no possibility at this point that existing vehicles be easily upgraded to electric.
  • Support: At present there is limited support available as most sellers are just dealers of imported ones.
  • Service: Not enough expertise available in market today for servicing electric vehicles


Charging Time: We have fast charging technology which can charge in 3.5 hours. At critical times battery swap option is also available with our charging infra.

Battery Life: Battery life is usually 2 years, but with new patented technology it can easily be extended to four years. With solar panel on top, it will extend the range.


We wish to leverage local service garages, small repair shops to have our charging cum swapping station kit to make it easy accessible for everyone to charge their EVs.

Charging will be done by upfront payment of prepaid cards which will be tracked and monitored.


We wish to leverage the pool of existing small passenger vehicles and commercial loader and provide them upgrade kit switch over to electric.

Kits will be installed by our trained technicians and for this also we want to leverage local garages to have the technological know how.


With the current trend of importing from china and selling them without any long term responsibility sometimes its very difficult to access authorized service.

We wish to create multiple service stations equipped with enough spare parts in cities to cater this need.


People always have the concern of getting stranded when battery dies out or when EVs breakdown due to lack of quick charging option and expertise in repairing an EV being available locally.

We wish to create 24×7 SOS support to reliably help and rescue anyone gets stranded due to Evs’ technical issues.