What we do !!!

We are focused on the complete ecosystem around adoption of Electric Mobility and its sustainable future

Infrastructure Ingredients

Electric mobility needs substantial infrastructure to be in main stream such as easy access to charging, long range and cost effectiveness. We work on various types of chargers, lithium ion batteries, cloud software and more. Click on the title to visit our products section.

Research & Indigenousness

We have a strong group of research team working on innovative products to solve every hurdle in the adoption of electric mobility. We have filed several patents in this space. We are proud of developing everything indigenous in india.

Support by Staying Connected

Our mobile app, vehicle health monitoring device, cloud IOT server and 24x7 customer support leave nothing to chance when it comes for supporting you at any moment. Our customers and our client's customers are always protected and pampered.

Present Scenario and barriers of adoption of electric mobility

EVs currently account for 0.06% of the total vehicle fleet globally. In the last three years we have seen a rapid increase in sales of electric vehicles, which are growing year on year at a rate of 300%. But it’s not growing equally everywhere. In India there are several challenges such as:

  • Range Anxiety: The distance that can be traveled with one charge is fairly low at present in India
  • Charging Infra: Charging stations are not as ubiquitous as petrol stations.
  • Support and Service: No dedicated support or service model exists that promises EV owners to have a peaceful experience.

We are focused on eliminating every possible obstacle to make it easy for everyone to adopt electric mobility. Visit our solutions to know more.